The 6 Best Tricks for Decorating on a Small Surface Area

The 6 Best Tricks for Decorating on a Small Surface Area

Whether you live in a confined one-bedroom or a much more roomy living-room, it never harms to embellish wisely. With a few easy methods you can even get the smallest room to be perceived as bigger and make the small apartment or condo seem like a wise and expensive compact living dream.

1. Fake larger windows

With the assistance of a couple of nice curtain lengths you can trick the eye and make the window appear bigger than it actually is.

The trick is to position the material as near to the ceiling and as far to the sides of the window as possible – instead of in front. And after that you get a window that looks both greater and broader.

2. Use the altitude when storing

The floor area is restricted, there is typically room at altitude – use it. When you live crowded, storage in the form of shelves or plastic containers, can free up space. You can hardly get too much of good storage cases. Stack them high from flooring to ceiling or place them in remaining spaces, such as the surface area above doors, along ceilings or under the bed.

3. Choose smart storage

It doesn’t take much for a little home to look untidy, so great storage is everything when it comes to compact living. Purchase versatile cabinets that are incorporated in the remainder of the interior. If you do not want to develop your own custom one, there are lots of good budget versions in the bigger furniture storage chains. Like this product from IKEA:

smart storage for small spaces

4. Get the bed up in the air

This is a great hack! With a bed up in the ceiling you can free up a great deal of space that you rather use to something else. This is super if you live in a small apartment. The only drawback, however, is that it can be both tough and pricey to develop. You could go for a bunk bed, but with open space under. This is a great video on the topic:

Another excellent option is to raise the bed with the help of bureaus. As a reward, you also get extra storage.

bunk beds for adults for small spaces

5. Focus on light and reflection

Painting and decorating with bright colors is an old trick to make a space feel more airy. You can likewise use mirrors. The reflections will contribute to a more roomy impression. Like this Yayoi Kusama’s two fascinating mirror room installations:

6. Do not forget the green

Plants might be the last thing you believe you need if you live compactly. However the reality is that a little green can change even the smallest area into a homely, airy and fresh space.

Is it full on the floors or in the windows, we suggest to hang some plants from the ceiling.

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How to Get Great Feng Shui in Your Home

How to Get Great Feng Shui in Your Home

In parts of Europe, Feng Shui is used primarily as an interior design tool. But it actually is a very old Chinese teaching. It is both spiritual and philosophical. Let’s use it both in our soul work, and in our home decor.

Nonetheless, Feng Shui offers you balance and harmony in both the soul and in your home. I’ve found a great method of reaching all this. I use storage containers to declutter. Check this out:

What’s the Very Best Aspect of Feng Shui in the Interior Design Process?

The finest feature of Feng Shui is that you can understand what it is that doesn’t feel great in the environment or the space, and that you can then also fix it with the aid of the different Feng Shui tools. These tools can be things like plants, lighting and mirrors, or storage containers. They will increase energy and make it stream better.

Since Feng Shui is not a style of interior decoration, it can be used in the garden, as well as in your home or in the office. You can also use it on a small surface area, like on the desk and in the drawers. With Feng Shui you can also make big changes without a huge budget. Like putting storage containers on shelves and hide the clutter within.

How to Begin If You Want Excellent Feng Shui in the Bedroom?

The bedroom is a room for rest and pleasure. There must be a balance between Yin (soft and round shapes), yang (angular and straight shapes) and the 5 components of fire, earth, metal, water and wood in the bedroom. Storing under your bed is a good idea. Like with this product from TheContainerStore.

What Furniture Should You Generally Have in the Bedroom?

Feel free to have a headboard behind a bedside and the bed table on each side. Likewise, get excellent lighting that is positioned next to the bed, not above. Avoid setting up a mirror opposite the bed, it can interrupt the energy in the space and make you sleep poorly.

A stunning painting, on the other hand, can boost the energy, and the very same goes for a great photo. However you need to avoid images of the family.

How to Place the Bed to Get the Finest Feng Shui?

To begin with, you should avoid sleeping on curry lines, which are a magnetic field that lie above the earth’s surface and that can affect us people. You can call a Feng Shui specialist if you desire to understand precisely where you have your curry lines. Place the bed in a power position, that is, you ought to have assistance in the back. That could be in the form of a wall or a greater bed end. You also need to have supervision over the door. It reduces stress hormonal agents and makes us unwind. Avoid having a window at the head end and likewise avoid having the door right at the foot end of the bed. The energy flow can then become too strong (since the flow comes in through the door) and feel uncomfortable.

One should not use the bedroom as a study. If you are confined, maybe a drape can be put in front of the desk – getting visual impressions makes it much easier to unwind.

Avoid heavy things like shelves, cabinets and paintings on the wall above your head, as it can cause uneasy sleep when you do not know if you can suddenly get a rack right over you. Likewise, do not position a big, heavy lamp straight above the bed.

What Products and Colors Do You Require to Get the Right Feeling?

You ought to have sober and calm colors, drawn from nature’s scheme. Blue, beige, powder-pink, green are examples of good color tones. Working with soft shapes and materials that make us unwind.

Prevent black in the bed room. The dark color belongs to the water aspect and can make us a little worried.

Consider how you live, what requirements you have and how you desire it to be in your house. Start by cleaning and removing anything that does not feel right. Create areas for new and fresh energy and keep what you like. Think a little additional about how your hall looks, as the very first impression is really important. Also, since the energy flows into the house from the entrance, you must avoid a cluttered hallway. A lot of shoes in a mess on the floor will destroy the energy flow. Use stackable plastic shoe boxes to get rid of loose shoes on the floor.

Check back soon for more useful tips on home decor, living a luxury life, and getting rid of the clutter in your everyday life. In the meantime you can watch this great video from Youtube:

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