How Can I Decorate My Bathroom?

How Can I Decorate My Bathroom?

(Photo by NELbali Photography on Unsplash)

Very often we don’t have enough space on our countertop or in our linen closet. A good idea then is to use the area above the toilet to add storage and decor to your bathroom. But how do you make your bathroom look great? How do you decorate your bathroom? And how do keep it tidy?

How can I make my small bathroom look luxurious?

1. Go for green. Use plants to make the bathroom appear bigger than it is.

2. Add a big lamp. Large-scale light fixtures will make a big impression, without taking up space.

3. Design your bathroom with gold and metallic accents.

4. Tile diagonally. It will make your bathroom look luxurious. It will open up the space as well.

5. Don’t go for the usual bathroom mirror. Think of it like decorating a living room.

6. Buy those classy containers you always like when staying at a nice hotel.

7. The same goes for those luxury towels that always look really expensive.

How do I keep my bathroom tidy?

(Photo by Jared Rice on Unsplash)

1. Use pretty things to declutter your bathroom. It can be classic cheramic bottles. Or nice plastic containers.

2. Put your stuff in storage you can hide. Like drawers under your sink.

3. Make use of the space on the door. Hang a rack. But make sure it doesn’t look messy.

4. Get rid of the towel rack. Hang your towels behind the door if it is possible. Or change after every use.

5. If you can find a sink and vanity in concrete, it will make it look way less dirty in your bathroom.

6. Dim the lights.

The best bathroom design ideas

At GoodHousekeeping you can find a splendid article with lots of great decor ideas for your bathroom. These 10 ideas were actually very helpful to me in my bathroom project:

(Photo by Alexander Naglestad on Unsplash)

1. Use chandeliers. Why only use them in the dining or living rooms?

2. Put up a wallpaper. Pick something floral. It always brings us into a good mood. If you have tiles all the way up to the ceiling, you can find peel-and-stick kind of wallpapers. Visit Bed Bath & Beyond.

3. Change to polished brass, chrome or copper fixtures. This really made all the difference for my own bathroom remodelling.

4. Put a lot of lavender on shelves, in drawers, or even paint the wall in soothing lavender.

5. Put storage baskets under the sink. Pick some nice ones. And get rid of the mess.

6. Put some paint on your bathtub. Put in on the outside (of course). Or som mosaic tiles instead?

7. Install a towel rack up above the door (all the way) for your fresh towel storage. I can guarantee you won’t use this space for anything else.

You can also watch this video for some more inspiration:

For more inspiration, take a look at The 6 Best Tricks for Decorating on a Small Surface Area. And if you’re interested in Feng Shui, you can read this article.